The Crooked 2 Year Anniversary Show

(2) Year Anniversary / (2) Albums / Now Off (2) Europe

We got to sit down with The Crooked during their two-year anniversary party to celebrate the release of their new EP – “First Place, Silver”. Not only was this enough to get a packed room full of people out of their houses for the night, but it was also both the Lead Vocalist and Drummers birthdays. Needless to say, it was an incredible night. We caught up with them at the Historical Bovine Sex Club in Toronto after their show and brought them into the infamous SEE ROCK LIVE MAG RV for an exclusive fan interview with a few lucky people.
The band consists of JC Sandoval, lead vocalist, and guitarist, Dell Orso, drummer, Neelesh V. lead guitarist, and Russ Shipman, ON bass SEEN SHIRTLESS BELOW.  The guys were gracious enough too, laugh and tell stories about how the new EP came about and how the Toronto Music scene is EVOLVING FROM THERE PERSPECTIVE.
It was undeniable, especially from the energy in the room that as a city – we have a tremendous amount of talent GRACING STAGES ALL OVER THE 416. Admittedly, from both the band and others, it’s also obvious that there aren’t enough GREATER opportunities OR support AND GROW ALL THAT TALENT TO A MONEY MAKING LIFE SUSTAINING ENTERPRISE.
tHE NIGHT IS MADE MORE SPECIAL BECAUSE OF WHERE IT HAPPENED. The Bovine is so special because IT STANDS TALL IN GOOD AND BAD TIMES FOR LIVE MUSIC. Surviving while witnessing OTHER iconic VENUES like The Silver Dollar Room or great new relative newcomers to the scene Coalition pass into Toronto rock n roll history – tHE bOVINE has been entertaining people, bringing in tourists and exists as a staple ON QUEEN WEST NOW A COUPLE OF decades.


The Crooked were so modest that they spent half the interview praising and paying respect to the fellow artists they played with this evening. This in itself is a testament to how special the music and creative community in Toronto is. JC went on to explain that there are other circuits and pockets in Toronto communities that are starting to push this ideal harder and are working to create more experiences just like we had here tonight. Where The Band hosts the evening, books the artists they believe will complement each other and as he put, “Tear the Roof Off the Place”.
The beauty of going to see shows, he adds, is that you can have fun while also meeting and networking with like-minded people. It’s about community.

“& Rock and Roll of course”.

With the release of the new EP, “First Place, Silver”
the CROOKED are headed to tour Europe and had some words about what makes this one different than their first. Dell went on to say that during the recording of their first EP, the band was still getting to know each other and learning about one another so a lot of time was spent growing that chemistry. The beauty of this record is they are now free to really identify each person’s strengths and talent and what unique quality they individually bring to the table – and instead, nurtured how that could be intensified making it an opportunity for this record to be “more organic”. Which clearly was a success.


19.06 – Wild at Heart, Berlin
20.06 – Hansbach Bar, Berlin
21.06 – Freizeithaus Balzerplatz (Fete de la Musique, Berlin)
22.06 – Zur Gluhlampe, Berlin
27.06 – Sage Club, Berlin
28.06 – Szenerei – Leer
29.06 – Alte Mu, Kiel
04.07 – Rockstream Festival, Vestfold, Norway
06.07 – The Glen, Vestfold, Norway

     As of October 4th, “First Place, Silver” is available across all platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. The official video for the leading single “Dog Days” is available on YouTube as well so be sure to check it out and support The Crooked.

Interview by Melissa Kar

Photos by Heist Digital Chris Jones

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