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Tech & Gear Jan 17

Top 5 Essential Effects Pedals for Punk Rock Guitarists

Punk and pedals don’t normally mix, but when used correctly, they unlock limitless possibilities. I know what you’re thinking, how can an article linking pedalboards…

Life With Johnny NoCash Off The Grid Drinkin

For educational purposes. Drinkin’ off the Grid – How to make a vodka, water, squirt

Fashion Jan 4

The Most Meaningful Rock And Roll Trends

Many of today’s rock and roll enthusiasts, from the big-name bands right through to the gig-going record collectors, borrow their look from the various rock and…

Peace Through Music: A Global Event for the Environment | 200+ Artists Unite to Save Our Planet

200+ artists from 58 countries including Black Pumas, Jack Johnson, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Sara Bareilles, Slash, and The Lumineers, along with world leaders and influencers,…

70 Canadian Singers and Bands Who Made It Big in America

Canada is associated with ice hockey, unwavering politeness, and great popular musicians. This is a list to celebrate our fellow Canuk singers and bands who…


The ongoing pandemic – and political points surrounding it – continued to foster drama. Like Americans across the country who remain divided on topics like vaccinations, masking guidelines and lockdown laws, rock stars found themselves picking a side in the debate.

Read More: 10 Most Controversial Rock Stories of 2021 | https://ultimateclassicrock.com/controversial-rock-stories-2021/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Fashion Dec 24


Look chic, look punk, look punk rock! If you want to dress like a real punk this 2018 in an adult way, then I highly recommend taking a look through this awesome compilation of refreshed punk rock street style looks. This year comes with some great vibes and details. We see oversized leather jackets, slouchy blazers, printed shirts, plaid skirts, and dresses, ripped jeans, etc. Personally, I like the way many ladies have translated this trend in a modern way, by adding leather pants, vintage tees, sexy stilettos, statement boots by Dr. Martens, oversized blazers, etc. Punk is officially back but in a more voguish look and max vengeance. Of course, you can go for fishnets, spikes, studs, dyed hair, and patches, but be sure to look like 18 years old girl. But there is an easy way to look punk, yet stylish. I’ve rounded some great looks for your one and only inspiration. Hope you will enjoy this compilation as much as I do.

Fashion Nov 19

Rock Clothing: How Rock Stars Changed Fashion Forever

It wasn’t just Presley’s charisma that made music the primary channel for influencing – and defining – youth identity. Rock and roll – or, at least, his whiter, more sanitized, more marketable version of it – exploded into life at the same time as the concept of the teenager.

Music News Jan 8

TRIUMPH Gets Offers To Play Every Year, Says MIKE LEVINE

In a recent interview with “The Daily Derringer Podcast”, bassist Mike Levine of Canadian rock legends TRIUMPH was asked if the band’s 2008 reunion shows in Sweden Rock Festival and Rocklahoma were meant to be a warm-up for a more extensive tour if they were always intended to be the group’s final gigs. He responded

Music News Jan 4

David Bowie’s Entire Publishing Catalog Sells for $250 Million

Warner Music now owns most of Bowie’s songs David Bowie’s estate has sold the publishing rights to his entire catalog to Warner Chappell Music, the…

Lemmys Ashes Made into Tattoos for bands mates
Music News Jan 3

Lemmy’s ashes turned into tattoos for crew members

Lemmy’s ashes have been used to create tattoos for Motörhead’s tour manager and production assistant.

Music News Jan 3

Sir Mick Jagger enjoyed nature hikes on No Filter tour

Sir Mick Jagger loved getting “out in nature” on tour. The Rolling Stones frontman has revealed he spent more time outdoors during his downtime in…

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