Judas Priest – Invincible Shield (Official Video)

Judas Priest, the iconic heavy metal band, has made history by becoming the first metal band to release studio albums 50 years apart. Their latest album, “Invincible Shield,” marks their 19th studio album and follows the success of 2018’s “Firepower.” This new release showcases Judas Priest’s musical versatility, featuring a range of styles from intense metal reminiscent of “Painkiller” to bluesy emotions and anthemic rock ‘n’ roll. The album pays homage to the band’s extensive half-century legacy while remaining relevant in today’s metal scene.

Rob Halford, at 72 years old, continues to impress with his powerful vocals, defying expectations by maintaining his vocal prowess. Fans who have followed Judas Priest since their inception must be amazed by the band’s evolution and enduring strength over the years. From their debut album “Rocka Rolla” in 1974 to “Invincible Shield” in 2024, Judas Priest stands as a testament to heavy metal’s enduring success.

The pre-release tracks like “Panic Attack,” “Trial By Fire,” “Crown of Horns,” and “The Serpent and The King” offered fans a taste of what was to come, building anticipation for the full album. The remaining seven songs on “Invincible Shield” are equally powerful and showcase the band’s unwavering talent.

Judas Priest’s world tour is set to kick off soon, starting in the U.K. on March 11 and followed by a North American leg with Sabaton beginning on April 18. Fans of Judas Priest are in for a treat as they witness this legendary band continue to make history in the world of heavy metal.

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