The Black Crowes – Wanting and Waiting (Official Video)

As a long, long-time fan of The Black Crows, I would like to share the excitement surrounding their new song and video, “Wanting and Waiting.” This release marks a significant moment for fans as it is the band’s first music video since 2008, showcasing their return with a soulful rock tune after 16 years. Directed by Christopher Acosta, the video features the band performing on a soundstage with captivating projections inspired by their album cover art, including flying crows, skulls, and lyrics resembling dripping black paint.

Frontman Chris Robinson shines in a red suit, exuding c–xAharisma reminiscent of Mick Jagger while delivering the powerful vocals of “Wanting and Waiting.” The imagery in the video intensifies as Robinson sings ‘Blood on Fire,’ transitioning into fiery animations that complement the song’s energy. Fans have flooded the YouTube comments section with praise, expressing nostalgia and enthusiasm for the band’s comeback. One fan described the experience as a blast of rock ‘n roll that reignites youthful passion, while others appreciated the groove reminiscent of AC/DC meets Humble Pie.

The Black Crowe’s new single sets the stage for their upcoming album, “Happiness Bastards,” promising a revival of their signature soul-rock sound that has captivated audiences for years. With this release, The Black Crowes have reignited the spirit of rock ‘n roll, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more from this iconic band.


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