I play a slap solo on a U-Bass! If you’re interested in one of these awesome basses, head over to to find out more!

Special thanks to Zachary Brunetti, AhLun, Sugabeat, Colin Heberling, Timothy Gabrielson, Colter Fike, Cpt. Marley, Sid Stenersen, Turpid, DebisU, David Geschke, Dario Cimmino, Edward Quinn, James Oldfield, Cody Pecot, Marc Forand, Sebastián Labbé, James Ansell, Rob Nack, Michael Forrester, 949 Designs, slatibartfast24, Cpt. Marley, Nil N, Kelly Henderson, Zachary Gidwitz, Vladi Mun, Joe Norsworthy, Štěpán Emmer, Michele Marletta and all my other Patrons and members!

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