Pterodactyl Problems Album Release at LEE’S PALACE

Pterodactyl Problems — A Wild Night at The Palace

A heavy-hitting night at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace.  The lineup…..raging psychedelic punk band Bhodi Jar, leading into a knock-down set by Satanic Mills. Then The Reed Effect took the stage and rocked it to the core. All were the perfect opening acts, firing up the audience, segueing perfectly into the head-banging, in-your-face, guitar-riffing, screamingly in-your-ears music of Pterodactyl Problems. It was an ear-drum-pounding night. Lee’s Palace throbbing and completely alive!

Announcing their new album Esoteric Hobbies, Toronto-based Pterodactyl Problems, a four-piece alternative rock band, stormed onto the stage with lights blazing as lead singer Davey White sashayed in from stage right in full drag. If nothing else, this alone will catch your undivided attention. Complete with a platinum blonde wig and a rather fetching, clear vinyl skirt, he ripped into the first song with a voice that was anything but demure.

Originally formed in 2012, Pterodactyl Problems reconnected in 2017. Merging backgrounds in jazz, opera, musical theatre, punk, and heavy metal…..a rather extreme variety of genres that all seem to amalgamate quite nicely, thank you, into one interconnected unit. Jack Neila (lead guitar), Ciarán Neely (bass/guitar), Oliver Salathiel (drums) and the previously noted Davey White (lead vocals/guitar) form this cohesive unit called Pterodactyl Problems. The band’s name? A comment misheard by

Neely who muttered, not quite under her breath, what she thought she had heard, “pterodactyl problems?” Sounded like a good name for a band so it stuck.



The band was interviewed by Jack Daniels representative Peter Bovolaneas in the RV following the show. According to drummer Salatheil, all members bring something to the songwriting table and admittedly each song is born out of creative differences….but it all seems to work. The name of the album is both unusual and attention-grabbing, flowing smoothly off the tongue. Esoteric means “understood by only a chosen few”.  A hobby is a regular activity done for enjoyment, a leisure pursuit or pastime and can be a rather diverse set of activities pursued by anyone. So in essence, Esoteric Hobbies is an oxymoron that is unique yet presents something for everyone….lush orchestrations, simple ballads, an exquisite 32-second instrumental that draws you into a gorgeous acoustic lead-in piece with beautiful harmonies, insane, intense-driven rock and the entire spectrum in between. Esoteric, groove-filled and eclectic.

The Black Sabbath medley in the middle of the set was instantly recognizable to the crowd. A perfect way to perk up the ears… tends to cock one’s head to the familiar.  It was a flawless move that grabbed the crowd’s attention, diverting it to the stage and the seamless blend into Pterodactyl Problems’ original material. Nice touch guys!

The night was closed off with an explosion of light and sound.

Pat Blythe | Luvthemusic

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