NOBRO: Let’s Do Drugs (Official Music Video)

NOBRO Band’s New Song “Let’s Do Drugs”: A Wild Anthem About Embracing Youthful Recklessness

Canadian punk rock band NOBRO has recently released their latest single, “Let’s Do Drugs,” a wild anthem that captures the spirit of youthful recklessness and the desire to have one more wild night. The song, described as a “dumb rock song about getting older,” explores the theme of wanting to let loose and embrace the carefree nature of youth.

According to the band, “Let’s Do Drugs” is about the experience of getting older and the desire to have one more wild night before the responsibilities of adulthood take over. It taps into the universal feeling of nostalgia and the longing for the carefree days of youth.

The song is a banner, crashing percussion, gnarled guitar lines, and raspy vocals, creating a high-energy and rebellious sound. It embodies the punk rock spirit that NOBRO is known for, with a helping of FUCK IT. In a world that is demainding correctness this is an insperation!

The single has been met with excitement and praise from fans and music critics alike. It has been described as an “unhinged party anthem” and a “monster bad-influence jam”. The song captures the band’s wild side and showcases their ability to create infectious tracks.

“Let’s Do Drugs” is a preview of NOBRO’s upcoming LP, which is highly anticipated by their fanbase. The single sets the tone for what fans can expect from the band’s forthcoming album, promising more rebellious tracks.

Overall, “Let’s Do Drugs” is a wild anthem that encapsulates the spirit of youthful recklessness and well the feeling most of us feel at the end of a day of work! The desire to embrace one more wild night of freedom and excess. With its energy, the song is sure to resonate with fans of punk rock and those who appreciate the balls these ladies have to do a song like this in today’s be good culture. Keep an eye out for NOBRO’s upcoming LP, as it promises to deliver more infectious and rebellious tracks that capture the essence of their unique sound.

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