Mobius Radio – Dive

Mobius Radio – “Dive” and Launching Again

In 2019, well-known Toronto musician Dylan Hennessy, now founder of Mobius Radio, was finding his groove with his twisted looping, prog, and EDM-inspired rock shows. It was during this experimental time of growth that Dylan met Alex Van Briggle, who now backs Dylan on drums and is also the other half of Mobius Radio. It was after meeting Alex and playing shows with him it became clear: the name “Dylan Hennessy” on its own wasn’t accurately representing what these new live shows had become. Mobius Radio was born.

“When I began performing under my own name, it was at open mics and small stages as an acoustic singer/songwriter” Dylan explains. “Ever since I became part of Toronto’s indie music circuit, I’ve been changing and refining my style. Over the years it has grown into what I perform now, and my name on its own could not possibly reflect the radical change in sound.”

Mobius Radio was set to headline their first big show at the iconic Bovine Sex Club on March 13th (with Goodnight Sunrise, Queens & Kings & Cigar Club). The band was forced to cancel the first Mobius Radio show on March 12th and all subsequent shows for obvious reasons, leaving the two-piece act in a strange purgatory of sorts.

“We’ve always been, primarily, a live act” Says Hennessy.

“It’s been challenging to convert our style given the nature of live-looping acts to making music exclusively in the studio. It’s taken us some time to make it make sense. Playing in the studio just wasn’t a top priority. We had so much banked on our upcoming live shows. Now that has all kind of fallen by the wayside for now since we can’t play live on stages.”

Like all musicians, Mobius Radio has had to adjust to what their 2020 / COVID 19 life is like. Dylan and Alex had to figure out what they wanted to do next. In the time of forced reflection and life changes, Dylan found himself finally having the time to tackle a mountain of production that he had put aside.
Having just finished putting out his first instrumental metal (Luminil), It was kind of a perfect storm to get himself back in the producer chair and get editing for Mobius Radio.

“I realized ‘hey, no one’s expecting any live shows now anyway so I should just make productions of these songs and we’ll figure out how we want to play them live when the time is right, and that’s what we’re doing. Maybe these songs can exist as a live version and a studio version… & that actually sounds pretty cool to me” said Hennessy

“Dive” is the first of several pieces Mobius Radio plan to release this summer, mixed with some new live recordings and collaborations. “Mobius was actually supposed to premiere Dive at our Bovine launch show, so we thought it made sense to have this be the first release of the summer to get the momentum going. It’s more on the chill side of things but has this Jungly, fast-paced backbeat that we really love playing too.”

Hennessy explains “Dive was born from a noise I made on my guitar that reminded me of a dolphin. This noise became a writing prompt inspired by the lessons water teaches as a theme and it grew from there.” Dive is available on all major online streaming services as of Friday, July 10th. For all other information you can find Mobius Radio online:

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