Howard Stern names the one band that “changed music” forever

Howard Stern, lauded for his pioneering work in the realm of radio and television, has a relationship with music that has ultimately shaped his life.

While not gifted with the talents to create the type of music of those he now idolizes, Stern was encouraged by his father to learn and master other elements of audio from a young age. Immediately drawn to the medium of radio, at the age of five, Stern was set up in the basement of his family home as his father equipped his son with a microphone, turntable, and tape machine. The early foundations of what was to become The Howard Stern Show had been established, and Stern was set on his journey to become the music personality that is so revered today.

With a determination to understand the relationship between media, music, the arts, and the development of technological advancements, Stern transformed himself from a relatively quiet and reserved character into one of the leading voices of contemporary culture.

Of course now, as we reflect on his career so far, the accomplishments of Stern from Sirius XM radio to America’s Got Talent needs no real introduction, but it is his commitment to the arts that allowed Stern the platform to thrive. Now, he can look back having rubbed shoulders with the many greats of the entertainment world, feeding off their influence and passing on his wisdom in return. It is this knowledge that has led Stern’s followers to dig deeper into his impulses.

Taking a caller as part of his now-famed radio broadcast, Stern entered a discussion about the three greatest rock bands of all time. Having cited The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as obvious choices, Stern would add a third to the podium of icons with a mention of Led Zeppelin: “When they came about,” Stern begins, “These riffs that Jimmy Page came up with, John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham on drums and Robert Plant’s vocal were insane.”

Detailing further, he and co-host Robin Quivers come to the conclusion: “You have to think of what happened to music after this. Music changed!”

As part of the same call, Stern names the group that he considers to be the “number one band of all time”. Detailing further, he explains: “If you’re talking overall singular artists, then I can talk to you about James Brown, and I can talk to you about a lot of other people who were important,” Stern responded.

However, the true leanings of Stern’s all-time favorites were still to come: “And fuck all the bullshit with Buddy Holly and the Crickets all that crap, none of it matter until The Beatles, fuck Elvis, fuck Crickets, all that shit,” he added.

Closing his argument, Stern revealed: “I tell you, The Beatles are the number one band of all time.”

Howard Stern

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