Heather Luckhart Has “IT” you know that “IT Thing”

Heather Luckhart is not your average multi-hyphenate.

Like most creative women in 2023, Heather Luckhart is talented in more ways than one. The blues singer is an influencer, media personality, and prominent figure in the Toronto music scene. She champions building a community of people who love the arts. Luckhart can be found at Mandy’s Bistro for her monthly blues jam or at My House, a new bar venue in the Junction, where she croons to crowds over a Dirty Devil Vodka Dirty Martini.


Luckhart’s debut album, “Make It Through“, blends gospel and jazz influences into an intoxicating blues affair. The jazz traits are evident in the sultriness of her voice. Like a lounge singer in a smokey cocktail bar, Heather’s sound is equal parts honey and whiskey. The gruff blues instrumentals contrast and compliment her singing, which can go from smooth and sweet to growly and raspy from verse to verse. The duality of her vocal ability is not without striking prowess: she controls her voice in a creative yet curated style not many can master.

The opening title track, Make It Through, and subsequent Too Tired, set the tone from the album’s beginning: Heather is a blues singer, but she is not confined to one genre. Outside of the apparent jazziness in her voice and the essence of her being, the inclusion of saxophone on songs like Runnin and the way she free-styles vocal fills makes jazz influence undeniable. The way she belts out ambitious notes on her rendition of Soulshine over an organ-heavy instrumental and harmonies over keys on Hard Times Come Again makes the gospel vibe unmissable.

The album is a testament to Luckart’s strength and determination as an artist and as a human being. The ten original tracks and two arrangements tell tales of Heather’s experiences making it through the modern world and how being a woman influences how the world treats her. She is not just singing in a blues style. She is genuinely singing the blues, but not simply for the sake of complaining. Each of Heather’s songs, regardless of what they are about, stresses the same essential point: Life is tough, but Heather Luckhart is tougher. Heather broaches important topics, such as on I Got Something, where she sings about how women are more than somebody else’s relative or friend but unique and interesting individuals. The importance of community to Heather is evident in her lyrics, which champion women, individual resilience, and strength in numbers.

Heather Luckhart is not just a blues singer. She sings blues, but with enough input from jazz and gospel, it would be a lie of omission to fail to mention it. She writes songs full of soul that are empowering and unapologetic. Heather doesn’t just perform at local bars and venues. She builds a community through her performances, turning patrons into fans. She continues to foster this community on Instagram, where her fantastic personality shines through her posts and interactions with followers. 

Heather Luckhart is a force to be reckoned with.

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