Eagles of Death Metal – May 3rd, REBEL

I’m not sure what I expected but the songs, musicality and “danceability” were not indicative of the band’s name. Formed by Jesse Hughes and  Josh Homme in 1998, there are at least two stories swirling around about how Hughes and Holmes came up with the name of the band. Intended to be tongue-in-cheek and rather humourous, it’s in reference to the Eagles and what they might sound like if they were a death metal band….a play on genres if you will. EODM is anything but a metal band.

Rebel was jammed and the crowd was howling. Hughes can’t keep in one spot on stage for any longer than a nanosecond. The fast-paced show had the audience “moving and grooving” and screaming for more. Hughes knows how to read his audience and give them what they came for, hard driving rock with a touch of humour and a lot of sass. In a previous interview, Homme described the band’s sound as a “combination of bluegrass slide guitar mixed with stripper drum beat and Canned Heat vocals”. Yep, that about sums it up.

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