Drop Top Alibi – A Place To Hide

A Place to Hide (Offical Video)

Drop Top Alibi A Place To Hide (Official Video)

This is a slightly new sound for Drop Top Alibi. A new sound I really like. This song sounds like this band has matured and come into their own. Even though this is a high-energy track it seems like the band is relaxed with their vocals and their sound.

I had a chance to hear Drop Top Alibi unplugged at Dead Dog Records, and Play Dead Cult Shop when it was on Queen West. The band was playing acoustically and the store goers and I were given the treat of this band’s raw talent and its substantial. They sounded powerful without powered guitars and amps.

This track gave me that same feeling as that acoustic performance with all the bells and extremely well-produced whistles from Drop Top Alibi we all expect. I really love this new song and the sound of the band. I am sure you will too.

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