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Author Name: ACTORS

Description: ACTORS artist/producer from Vancouver No compromise. That's what Jason Corbett, musician, producer, artist decided. He'd had enough of trying to create music to please everyone else and knew he needed to craft the songs he himself ached to hear. The songs he conjured formed ACTORS. The band of five with Corbett at the helm emanates the New Wave wet dreams of his subconscious. Every song a blend of hopes and fears, memories, pain/pleasure/release. From the first lyric to the final mix he has thrown his soul into each ACTORS song. The music is uniquely his yet resonates with all those who hear the imagery he has spun. A perspective that the world can be aggressive and dreamy, coldly mechanical yet beautifully human at the same time. The hymns that score your once-in-lifetime dreams. ACTORS is uncompromising.