13 New Rock + Metal Tours Announced This Past Week (June 14-20, 2024)

It was a light but exciting week for new rock and metal tour announcements, with 13 new tours added to the calendar. Several festivals and the much-anticipated lineup for the Monsters of Rock 2025 Cruise were also revealed. Whether you’re into punk legends like Bad Religion, theatrical metal acts like GWAR, or iconic rockers like the Eagles, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a detailed look at what’s coming up in the rock and metal world.

1. Bad Nerves

  • Tour Dates: Sept. 6 – Oct. 2
  • Support Acts: None, but supporting The Hives on select shows
  • Ticketing Info: Available on the official Bad Nerves website and major ticket outlets.

Bad Nerves, known for their energetic punk rock, are hitting the road this fall. They’ll be opening for The Hives on select dates, bringing their frenetic live show to new audiences across the country.

2. Bad Religion

  • Tour Dates: Sept. 17 – Oct. 19
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets can be purchased through the Bad Religion website and various ticket vendors.

Punk rock veterans Bad Religion are set to embark on a tour spanning from mid-September to mid-October. With decades of influential music, this tour promises to be a must-see for fans old and new.

3. Scott Bartlett / Paul McCoy

  • Tour Dates: July 12 – Sept. 15
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Notes: Acoustic tour
  • Ticketing Info: Available on the artists’ official websites.

Scott Bartlett and Paul McCoy will be performing acoustic sets across the country, offering fans an intimate experience with stripped-down versions of their music.

4. Black Tusk

  • Tour Dates: July 13 – Sept. 21
  • Support Acts: Somnuri, Horseburner
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets are on sale through Black Tusk’s official site and various ticketing platforms.

Black Tusk, known for their sludge metal sound, will be touring this summer with support from Somnuri and Horseburner, promising a heavy and intense live experience.

5. The Black Moods

  • Tour Dates: July 5 – Sept. 21
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Ticketing Info: Available on The Black Moods’ official website.

The Black Moods are bringing their blend of modern and classic rock to fans across the nation with a tour that stretches from early July to late September.

6. Candy

  • Tour Dates: June 21 – Oct. 12
  • Support Acts: Everybody Gets Hurt, Division of Mind, Final Resting Place, Sector, Last Man Out, Extinguish, GUMM, Zulu
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets available through major ticket outlets.

Hardcore punk band Candy will be on the road from June through October, supported by a rotating lineup of heavy-hitting acts. Their aggressive sound and intense performances are not to be missed.

7. The Cult

  • Tour Dates: Sept. 4 – Oct. 1
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets can be found on The Cult’s official site.

The Cult, with their iconic gothic rock sound, are set to tour this fall, delivering their dark and atmospheric music to fans across the country.

8. Eagles

  • Tour Dates: Sept. 20 – Nov. 9
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Notes: Residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets available through major outlets and The Sphere’s official site.

The Eagles will be holding a residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas, offering fans a unique opportunity to see this legendary band in an iconic venue.

9. Fever 333

  • Tour Dates: Oct. 17 – Nov. 8
  • Support Acts: Zulu, Move, Hue, Clique, Bucki Sugar
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets available through Fever 333’s official website.

Fever 333, known for their politically charged and high-energy performances, will be touring with a diverse lineup of support acts, bringing their powerful message to audiences nationwide.

10. The Georgia Thunderbolts

  • Tour Dates: June 27 – Aug. 10; Sept. 14 – Dec. 14
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Ticketing Info: Available on The Georgia Thunderbolts’ official site.

Southern rockers The Georgia Thunderbolts will be on tour throughout the summer and fall, delivering their gritty, blues-infused rock to fans.

11. GWAR

  • Tour Dates: Oct. 17 – Nov. 20
  • Support Acts: Dark Funeral, Squid Pisser, Cancer Bats
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets on sale through GWAR’s official website.

Theatrical metal band GWAR is known for their outrageous live shows, and their upcoming tour promises to be as wild as ever, with support from Dark Funeral, Squid Pisser, and Cancer Bats.

12. Yngwie Malmsteen

  • Tour Dates: Sept. 26 – Nov. 28
  • Support Acts: Kurt Deimer
  • Ticketing Info: Available on Yngwie Malmsteen’s official site.

Guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen will be showcasing his incredible skills on tour this fall, with support from Kurt Deimer.

13. Bob Mould

  • Tour Dates: July 25 – 27; Sept. 6 – Oct. 22
  • Support Acts: None listed
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets available on Bob Mould’s official website.

Alternative rock legend Bob Mould will be hitting the road, bringing his influential sound to fans across the country.

Also of Note:

Monsters of Rock Cruise

  • Dates: March 10-15, 2025
  • Lineup: Tesla, Michael Schenker, Krokus, Extreme, Winger, Stephen Pearcy, Queensryche, Michael Monroe, L.A. Guns, Slaughter, Lynch Mob, Vixen, and more.
  • Route: Miami to Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Booking Info: Available through the official Monsters of Rock Cruise website.

Crucialfest 2024

  • Dates: Sept. 13
  • Location: Metro Music Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Lineup: Mars Red Sky, Midwife, Howling Giant, Ex Everything, Onsetter, Iota, Violet Temper, Dehorn, Gost.
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets available through Crucialfest’s official site.

Tennessee Metal Devastation Festival

  • Dates: Oct. 5
  • Location: Jackson, Tennessee
  • Lineup: Autumn Lies Buried, Summoner’s Circle, Arsenic Addiction, Violence System, The Red Mountain, and more.
  • Ticketing Info: Available through major ticket outlets.

Today Is the Day

  • Dates: Aug. 8-11
  • Locations: Jewell, Manchester, NH; Cherry Street Station, Wallingford, CT; Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn, NY; Geno’s Rock Club, Portland, ME.
  • Ticketing Info: Tickets available through the band’s official site.


This week’s tour announcements offer a diverse array of rock and metal shows that are sure to excite fans of all genres. From the legendary sounds of the Eagles to the hardcore energy of Candy, there’s no shortage of live music to look forward to in the coming months. Be sure to grab your tickets early and prepare for an unforgettable concert experience!

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