The Noolands – 1992

The Noolands 1992

The Noolands are an eclectic group of longtime Canadian friends from Barrie Ontario. Their collection of music mixes the raw rock & roll energy of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone age with the campy charm of Weezer & Barenaked Ladies. The friendship between multi-instrumentalists Brandon, Aaron, James, Jon, and Peter has evolved from a creative jam band into a collaborative production powerhouse that churns out new music, videos, and content that interweaves their friends and fans into an ongoing, engaging story. The Noolands have a natural tendency to float between genres and yet still maintain a uniquely focused and familiar vibe. Their latest nostalgic summer release 1992 melds a tried and true rock & roll formula with a fresh, self-reflective writing style and outlook on the future. Recorded from separate homes and mastered by Noah Mintz, it opens the doors to a new era with many more back-to-back songs currently in production.

Over the last 5 years, the group cultivated their fanbase organically from the ground up with two EPs, rounds of singles, music videos and radio exposure resulting in two charting songs, sold out shows & festivals around Canada and becoming a beloved staple of their hometown music scene and beyond. This includes their rooftop show in Barrie and a packed show in Toronto where they sent two full school buses full of fans to the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. As most self sustaining, creative DIY bands, they wear a lot of hats and the plan is always to forge into the future as a team despite the dramatic changes in the world and shared personal struggles. In this upcoming chapter, The Noolands see their band as a catalyst for personal growth and an opportunity to challenge the ideology of “rock & roll” with their upcoming music illustrating the change they want to see in themselves.

Their latest song 1992, is a bittersweet summer tune that explores the human fear of change, set for release July 21st. Melding sounds similar to Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire and Wilco with the unstoppable momentum of Oasis. The nostalgia woven into the song invites the listener to go back to a time when certain patterns prevented a fuller expression of their innate love and authenticity. The message & lyrics can be interpreted as taking accountability for a new type of future. One of higher consciousness. The soundscape of 1992 illustrates the desire to start things over with hopeful instrumentation peeking through fragmented echoes of the past, wrapped in a vintage tone. The best part is that it was all recorded and mixed alone from home, truly an inside job. Overall the song is about accepting troublesome parts of who we are and to face ourselves instead of running away. Overcoming limitations and conquering fear were the key ingredients to this song, and we hope that it gives friends & fans a glimmer of hope in uncertain times.

Through challenges, past success can sometimes feel irrelevant and the hunger to evolve has become stronger than ever for The Noolands. Remaining on the outskirts of the industry, the band continues to quickly maneuver obstacles together and freely change direction to continue deepening their connection with friends and fans in a new world. The release of 1992 kicks off a new journey for the band as they break down personal barriers and grow apart, together.

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