Slash’s Metal Picks: Exploring the Guitar Legend’s Current Favorite Bands

Slash, renowned for his blues-infused guitar mastery, recently opened up about his current playlist in a revealing interview. Despite his upcoming blues covers album, “Orgy of the Damned,” featuring an array of guest vocalists, Slash’s admiration for metal bands shines through as he shares his latest favorites.

In a chat on the YouTube channel Coffee With Ola, Slash delved into the metal scene, highlighting both established names and rising stars. Among his top picks, he lauded AC/DC’s latest release, “Power Up,” applauding the iconic band’s enduring energy. Additionally, he praised Queens of the Stone Age for their captivating sound showcased in “In Times New Roman…”

Gojira, known for their innovative approach to metal, also secured a spot on Slash’s radar, earning his admiration for their distinctive style. Notably, Slash reserved high praise for Metallica’s recent offering, “72 Seasons,” describing it as “fucking amazing.” He also expressed admiration for Dirty Honey, commending their revival of an “old school style.”

When asked about other notable mentions in the metal realm, Slash didn’t hesitate to acknowledge Metallica and Gojira once more. He also tipped his hat to Megadeth, citing their last record, “The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead!” as a standout release.

Beyond his personal music preferences, Slash’s insights offer a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of contemporary metal. His eclectic taste underscores the genre’s rich diversity, from classic acts like AC/DC to boundary-pushing artists like Gojira.

For fans eager to catch Slash live, the guitar virtuoso’s upcoming U.S. tour promises an electrifying experience. Kicking off in July and spanning across various states, the tour presents an opportunity for enthusiasts to witness Slash’s legendary talent in action.

In conclusion, Slash’s endorsement of these metal bands not only reaffirms his status as a music aficionado but also highlights the genre’s enduring relevance and vitality. As listeners delve into the sounds recommended by the guitar maestro himself, they embark on a sonic journey that celebrates the essence of heavy metal in all its glory.

Don’t miss out on Slash’s metal recommendations and be sure to catch him on tour for an unforgettable rock experience.

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