Satanic Mills Live From Tail of the Junction

Satanic Mills are a 4 piece heavy rock band from Toronto, Ontario. This fiery group delivers meaty riffs, catchy choruses, and the occasional brutal breakdown; put these together and you get some huge tunes that can definitely get a crowd on their feet. They don’t normally swear, but they would describe themselves as “pretty flippin’ neat”.. From my experience, this is a pretty bang-on description. These guys are very talented and a lot of fun to be around. Even more, fun to see in person. We had a chance to chat with them after their epic performance at Tail of the Junction live on Virtual Venue. This interview was a lot of fun!!

Some History About the Band:

The boys in Satanic Mills met many moons ago when they were 12 years old at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. They performed in various bands with a mixture of each member of the group, including Marsha Poet and Danger DiCarlo. It wasn’t until 2015 that Sam and Cam started jamming together again for a new musical project. They soon realized they needed a full-blown band, and after landing Matt on drums and Andrew on keyboards, Satanic Mills was fully fleshed out and ready to hit the stage. Their earlier music had more funk elements to it, but after Andrew moved to bass and Cam was unleashed with no strings attached as the lead vocalist, that’s when they were able to become the band you know and love today.

Satanic Mill Live from Tail of the Junction

In this live stream performance, Satanic Mills played some previously released music, including “Jenny, Where’s The Fire?” from their Give It Up, Baby! EP and their latest singles “Little Lady”, about a dominatrix and her client, and “Tomboy”, about being in love with someone who doesn’t subscribe to society’s gender norms. They also played some yet-to-be-released tunes including “Action Pie”, “Godspeed”, and “Baby, You’re a Gun” – expect to hear these on an upcoming EP to be dropped sometime in 2021. Now, here are the banners they played for us at Tail of Junction!!

Action Pie – Satanic Mills

Jenny Wheres the Fire – Satanic Mills

Godspeed – Satanic Mills

No matter who you are, Satanic Mills is soon to be your go-to band, so make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @satanicmills. And don’t forget to tell your friends! What are you waiting for?? Do it already!!! Yeah, alright!  

Disclaimer:  We let Satanic Mills Write this article just saying!

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