The Samsung S10 & S10+ will change the way everything is being filmed IN LIVE MUSIC. SEE BELOW!
It was during a show at Cherry Colas when the battery died on my Canon Vixia Camcorder that I pulled out my Samsung S8+ and began to shoot the band on stage. I expected that the quality would be less than the semi-pro camcorder I normally used but I was left with no choice.

This is where it began!

The next day I pulled the video I shot with my Samsung S8+ and sent it to be edited. Well who would have known, it was just as good as the Canon Camcorder maybe better. Then the idea hit me, why am I lugging all this camera equipment around when I have my phone in my pocket. Dah!
This started my quest to build a Pro Level Samsung Phone-Based Video RIG for shooting in Live Music Venues. It was not as easy as one would think AND AS YOU CAN SEE IT WAS DOMINATED BY VENDORS THAT WERE CATERING TO APPLE PHONE USERS!!!!

Anyway, I did it!

I ordered the SMOVE GIMBLE, and thought ok that was so easy I am ready to go. WRONG! AUDIO, yes audio is tricky and considering CANADA ROCKS MEDIA | is a LIVE MUSIC media company it is sort of important that we have good quality audio. Work in progress by the way!
I tried using a normal MIC plugged directly into my phone and well it was hit an miss at best. Truth be told more miss than hit!!! I then had to head back to Google to find help to fix my audio problem. What I found out was that i needed a (TRS to TRRS Adapter). This magic little wire is the missing link literally. BIG DEAL!
Then I found was Rode VideoMicro. I then ordered it right away as it was again a big problem for a live music media company to sound bad right!
Then it was putting it all together and well that is not perfect either and is a work in progress as well. When I order additional S10 phones. I will “NOT” order the S10 plus. The smaller lighter S10 helps with managing all the other gear on the gimble to keep it stable and level. But this nifty bracket is how to mount a directional mic and additional light that will come in handy in dark live music venues.

You can get all these other components and create semi pro-grade video RIG! This is now how CANADA ROCKS MEDIA is moving forward and shooting on-site or in the RV. Using S10 Phones and whatever other device makes it work and sound great.

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