Rediscovered Gems: Lost and Unseen Rolling Stones Photos Set for London Exhibition

London will soon witness the unveiling of more than 25 previously lost and unseen photos capturing iconic moments of the Rolling Stones, taken by their photographer Tony Sanchez and his assistants. The Elegantly Wasted exhibition will showcase these rediscovered gems, affectionately referred to as Spanish Tony by guitarist Keith Richards.

Believed to be lost for decades, the 27 limited edition prints, available for purchase, offer fans and collectors a unique glimpse into the band’s world. Organizers of the exhibition describe the collection as an “unprecedented access” into the band’s life, marking one of the most significant photographic records of The Rolling Stones in recent years.

The images, taken during the band’s “decadent peak,” feature the rock legends at parties, album cover shoots, and live performances, including their historic Hyde Park concert. The photos cover the period from Beggars Banquet in 1968 to their well-documented exile in the south of France in 1971 during tax affairs.

Tony Sanchez, also known as Spanish Tony, lived and worked closely with the band during some of their most popular years. His unique perspective is evident in the collection, showcasing the band’s lifestyle during a pivotal era. Sanchez passed away in 2000, leaving behind a legacy documented in his autobiography, Life, where Keith Richards described him as “a hard man.”

The exhibition, hosted by Oliver Bayliss from Bayliss Rare Books, will take place at J/M Gallery near Portobello Road in Notting Hill, north London. Bayliss, who spent months exploring Tony’s archive, expressed admiration for the quality and uniqueness of the images, assuring fans and collectors of a delightful experience.

Co-hosted by Spanish Tony Media, formed by Mr. Sanchez’s grandsons, the event is hailed as a rare opportunity to witness previously unseen images of the legendary band. The exhibition, from February 29 to March 5, will include a private viewing event on February 28. Entry is free but requires tickets for access to this captivating visual journey into the Rolling Stones’ vibrant history.

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