Queens & Kings Soundhouse Session #1


Queens & Kings are such a hard-working talented Canadian band based in Toronto, Ontario. It was serendipitous that they were just about to release the latest video for  “I’M BEGGIN” when we contacted them to be the first featured band on Soundhouse Sessions. SEE ROCK LIVE Magazine has spoken to this dynamic duo in the past and we see a constant evolution from the band. “I’M BEGGIN” is an impressive video in 2020 by any standard and is another example of this band’s dedication to their craft and growth.

Videographer Julian Meli (JM Pro Creative) shot footage for the I’M BEGGIN. Brendan edited the footage and Alissa sent footage cues and overlays. As a group, they collaborated & came up with the concept and produced a clean and visually stunning Rock n Roll video for I’M BEGGIN’. For most bands, this kind of constant contact, working together & working together well let’s say it AINT EASY for anyone. Alissa & Brendan get down and dirty with Gobs in this interview opening-up about the band, the music process, and even their personal relationship.

Now to Soundhouse Session #1, Queens & Kings performed 3 songs, WALK STRAIGHT, YOU GOT ME & I’M BEGGIN live from Soundhouse Studio 353 Eastern Ave in Toronto. In case you missed the live steam here you are.  Queen & Kings Soundhouse Studio Session #1


WALK STRAIGHT:  Not yet officially released but one of Queens & King’s first co-writes for this project, this song is about always moving forward with conviction and determination and never looking back. The song came out of a jam. Brendan started a riff on the guitar, and Alissa began drumming.  The words “Walk Straight” are the first two words of a song from Alissa’s other project Alissa Vox Raw so they just ended up building the entire concept around those two words.


YOU GOT ME:  This song was the band’s debut single and video release and one of the first songs the band performed live together.  Although not immediately apparent, it is an angry response to the political upheaval and corruption, lies, and manipulations we’ve seen, particularly in the last 4 years.


I’M BEGGIN”:  This is the band’s most recent single and video release.  It speaks about how we often want what we can’t have, and not being able to have it is sometimes the very thing that makes us want it. People can be attracted by this mirage rather than have their eyes open to what’s real.


If you would like to find out more about this song/video, the ideas, the process, the filming, the editing, and finally the creation of I’M BEGGIN” CLICK the image below for the feature article on this video release.

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