Pink Leather Jackets Sondhouse Sessions

Sondhouse Session #3

“We had a kick-ass time playing at Soundhouse Studios.  John and Cyndi as well as all the people at See Rock Live were awesome to work with. We were really impressed with the sound. Being able to rock out in such a strange time felt great. Thanks again guys!”


Tell us where SHED come from
SHED  – was our first single we released with a music video made with the help of Just Press iT! A rippin tune about a three-timing son of a gun. It might make you want to break things!


So this is a song that many, many, many, well almost everyone can relate to at some time or another. How did this ATHEM take shape?

Call You When I’m Drunk – A song that Steve brought to Chris back when they were living together.  Chris added some words here and there to what Steve already had and before we knew it one of our many anthems was born!!


YES, It’s the title track of our upcoming record. No release date determined yet. See Rock Live and Soundhouse Studios have the exclusive for now!

So you said this killer track is the title track to your upcoming album!!

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