Nikki’s Wives Headlining Indie Week 2019

Nikki’s Wives Headlineing Indie Week 2019 

SEE ROCK LIVE MAG has been lucky enough to get to talk to Nikki’s Wives on 2 HUGH occasions this year. The first time at there sold out show at LEE’S PALACE and now Nikki’s Wives Headlining Indie INDIE WEEK 2019 hosted by THE MOD CLUB. You know as I type this I wonder to myself, do these 3 very real people know how big a deal these shows were? Its funny both times I have had the chance to talk to Nikki’s Wives. I can’t always tell 1. if it has just not sunk in for them how talented and sought after they are. Or 2 are they just very, very humble about it. Either way, you will see in this interview they are very down to earth for a band that is shooting to the top of Canadian / North American music.

This was such a fun candid chat.

It have to say it was fun & easy talking to the members of Nikki’s Wives. Pretty sure its because lead singer Nikki Whitehead is a fellow native Londoner and both  Dylan Lauzon and Nate Baylorit have spent enough time in London to get, appreciate and  participate in the funny banter about our beloved home town.

Nikki’s amazing stage presence and the band’s over all cohesive performance was kinda of mesmerizing and well we just didn’t know when to stop shooting, so we didn’t.

You can see the entire show at the Mod Club from Indie Week 2019 here on We even added some never before see footage from the show at Lees Palace. Both are epic performances!


Bonus Footage from April 5, 2019, at LEES PALACE SHOW

We want to thank Indie Week and Nikki’s Wives for giving us such amazing access and a wonderful interview.

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Photography By Heist Digital C. D. Jones