This week’s DEAD DOG RECORD REPORT is with Johnny NoCash and the Celtic Outlaws.

We’re keeping our eyes on this Toronto band for two reasons. Their music is great and the stage show is awesome! ….and because this is a REAL GIGGING TORONTO BAND working their asses off to get to the next level in this new landscape we call the Music Business and the Toronto music scene.

I first encountered Johnny NoCash at the now-closed Stop Drop ‘n Roll. NoCash was on a stool in the center of the stage solo, performing the most obnoxious yet UTTERLY AMAZING sound check. Screaming into the mic “I’M, CHECKIN, I’M, CHECKING, I’M MOTHER F#@$%#$$ING CHECKING” with a very punk rock “I’ll do what the hell I want” attitude. It was just very cool, he was very cool, so cool I had to video it.

When I checked him out online I found this very real “punk rock guy” creates some amazing music! He had solid branding and made me feel something when I watched and listened to him sing. The music was real, from his gut and from his life. The album is a new chapter in Johnny NoCash’s life, and with the addition of the Celtic Outlaws, it’s a positive track….a whole new landscape. Seriously; they were sober before and during the interview!!!!!

In my interview with Johnny NoCash pre their EP Release at Coalition. We chatted about the fine new album, music, and what’s ahead. CHECK IT OUT!!! Oh ya, you can pick it up the album at Dead Dog Records in the TORONTO ARTIST SECTION and check out Johnny NoCash live if you get the chance. He’ll surprise the pants off you!!

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