Indie week was just so much fun. I made it a point to be at Cherry Colas Rock N Rolla for the Johnny No Cash and the Celtic Outlaws show. It was just so worth it. Some artists just make you feel. It’s not just cords on a guitar or beats on a drum. It’s the way it’s presented it the FEELING, THE EMOTION the PASION. ROCK N ROLL is a way of life for many and for these guys they are self-appointed ambassadors for the old guard of SEX DRUGS AND ROCK N ROLL. Very proud ones at that.

After the show that made Cherry Colas just throb and gush with ROCK N ROLL emotion. I got a chance to interview The Celtic Outlaws upstairs at the NEW ROCK N ROLLA ROOM. The Rock N Rolla Room is a dream brought to life by Cherish Stevenson owner to THE SEXIEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE IN TORONTO more commonly know as CHERRY COLAS. Now the Sexiest Air B & B in Toronto I am sure! Cherish even joined us as part of this informal but very fun chat with these GTA Music Heros. P.S. Have a look at Johnnys Face while Cherish is sitting beside him SO FUN. Don’t do it Johnny don’t look to your left!!

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