James Blonde. This trio never fails to impress. Creative, high energy, engaging, skilled musicians, incredible harmonies…..these guys put on one of the most energetic shows around (and they can fill a dance floor in a heartbeat). A cappella at the drop of a hat….you got it! Performing many songs off their recent, self-titled album, band members Phil Taylor (drums/vocals), Neil Carson (bass/vocals) and Steph Mercier (guitar/vocals) leave a piece of themselves behind after every show. Friends since high school, these three have been playing together for several years and all three are singer/songwriters who take their craft very seriously. Festivals, large venues, and more intimate clubs watching James Blonde just plain makes you feel good as they take obvious delight in performing their music. Mercier, whom I refer to as the human pogo stick, can’t keep still. The band has enough energy to light up a small city. I love what they bring to the music scene. The band always end their performances smiling and their audience energized.