There is always a buzz in the City of Toronto, Music City Toronto when INDIE WEEK is coming up. Then it Hits and the shows are on. Bands from everywhere. All over Canada originally now all over the world. Toronto and many of its most prolific live music venues open their doors and welcome adoring music for this amazing showcase of musical talent. We have all this great footage so we had to do an Indie Week 2018 Recap.

Sarah Rattray talking to Twin Flames after a moving opening night performance at Revival.

Sarah got a chance to catch CRNKSHFT at Cherry Colas, she like it so much she had to talk to them and present them to you!

INDIE WEEK 2018 Talk with Mr. Toronto Live Music Dylan Hennessy “Sarah is visably Having Fun”

We were so moved again my there massive  & passionate music on the big stage at the Mod Club we had to chat them up again Twin Plains at the MOD CLUB INDIE WEEK FINALS

This looks kinda natural when watching this great chat between Sarah and Darryl. But getting Darryl Hurs to stop for this long to talk about Indie week is rare during the the finals well only Sarah could get it done Thanks, Darryl.