Harm & Ease at the Rivoli for CMW

Harm & Ease launched their new single Lemonade and we got to talk to them live at the Rivoli for CMW.

Harm & Ease Lemonade on Spotify

SEE ROCK LIVE MAG was on-site at The Rivoli for CMW in a big bad way. Peter Laneas & Heather Luckhart got a chance to talk to really sit down and get to know the guys from Harm & Ease. The boys got to explain how CRAZY they are about their new release Lemonade and well so, so, so much more.


These guys are on such an upward Trajectory. House Band at the New el Mocambo, featured tracks for on NHL tv Promos, featured during CMW at The Rivoli. Now They are Crazy Monkeys on Crazy Lemonade for SEE ROCK LIVE MAGAZINE!!!

Harm & Ease Official Lyric Video
CRM | Outdoor Harm & Ease Lemonade

The Bands Management Cosmo Cats Records wanted to make sure no one missed the band’s latest release Lemonade so they brought in the big guns with CRM | Outdoor Jumbo Tron Trucks. Oh ya, Peter Laneas & Heather Luckhart as well.

Harm & Ease on Spotify


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