GRAMMAR POLICE Dean 12 turning 13, Adam 13, Sunny 14, Jack 13 

This group is so young that their parents have to be with them to play a gig in a bar. That being said you may want to sit with there parents and maybe even get a picture with them because their kids may be famous someday!! The GRAMMAR POLICE are a T-ROX Academy Super Group. The way it was explained to me is that T-Rox pared some of the there most talented students/artists and made Grammar Police. These young fellows are covering some of the most famous bands in the world SMASHING PUMPKINS, AC DC, LED ZEPPELIN, TRAGICALLY HIP just to name a few.  It was shocking truly shocking how talented they are.

If you want to book these guys I would suggest you call T-Rox Academy and speak to there people!

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