Crownlands at Absinthe with Jacqui Childs

To quote Crownlands, Kevin ComeauMore is More.” & this is how he describes his band’s approach.

We love this idea and that’s why we asked Jacqui Childs to talk with this powerhouse duo for us, Jacqui brings more to everything.  This interview was when the band was touring South Western Ontario. They had just played the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern & and Jacqui caught up with them in Hamilton at Absinthe.

As you can see in the video Jacqui has a great time talking to Kevin & Cody. Then came the big question, what is your favorite song? At this time it was Mountain. Crown Lands is not just a great band with great lyrics, riffs, or hooks. A lot of their music has real meaning and is quite political. Speaking to and about Indigenous Peoples rights and lands.  “Crown Land” is a territorial area belonging to the monarch—or, as Bowles (whose own heritage is half Mi’kmaq, an indigenous tribe from Nova Scotia) puts it, “Crown Land is stolen land and we are reclaiming it.”

This is Crown Lands at Absinth in Hamilton talking to Jacqui Childs

Crown Lands – Mountain Offical Video

Bringing things up to today and the release of Crown Lands, the band’s self-titled debut album—produced by six-time Grammy winner Dave Cobb—marks the arrival of a major new force. Raised in Southwestern Ontario, Comeau (guitar, bass, and keys) and Cody Bowles (vocals and drums) bring together a range of influences from folk and blues to psychedelic to prog rock and, drawing on their own intense personal chemistry, create something unique and startlingly fresh.

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