Carry The Lost – Pick Your Poison

Halifax hard-rock band Carry the Lost is back with a heavy new track and multimedia video with “Pick Your Poison”, the second single off their debut record

Following the release of the acclaimed single “Battle Tested” back in January 2020, Halifax’s hard-rock outfit is back in time for a summer rock banger that will get your blood pumping. “Pick Your Poison”, the second single off the band’s debut record, features some of the most dynamic, heavy, and melodic songwriting the band has put to record.

“The song is about going out socializing, partying, letting go, and not letting the negative ever get you down,” writes Colin Tye, lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the group.
“The ‘pick your poison’ line is about how everybody has their own vice that they use and chase when they go out, whether it is alcohol, drugs, sex, fighting, etc… Yet the message isn’t trying to come out and endorse or condone anything of that nature”

The track has something for everyone: heavy riffs, a catchy singable melody, and a breakdown section. The band even got Jessie Brown, the well-renowned Toronto (formerly Halifax) based singer/songwriter, to feature some rich backing vocals on the tune.

The accompanying lyric video is action-packed with visuals and multimedia that lives up to the story and energy of the song.

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