Bridge City Sinners – Devil Like You (Official Video)

Find Your MUSE: The Bridge City Sinners – Devil Like You

Bridge City Sinners – Devil Like You (Official Video)

This is one of our new fast favorite bands. The Bridge City Sinners are amazing starting with this dark delicacy called β€œDevil Like You”. I hope there is a day where I get to see Canada’s own The Dead South and the Bridge City Sinner on the same bill.

The video starts with a warning that what you are about to see may be disturbing as it depicts domestic violence and murder. What follows is a folk song about a woman who marries a man who is out to kill her. You do get to watch as everything unfolds, and the song continues as he buries her in a grave. I loved the production of the video, and the practical effects and makeup were pretty impressive. This is something quite different, and because of the horror aspect, I just had to include it here. Heed the warning that this is not for the faint of heart, but if you are brave enough, you will find yourself tapping your shoe as you listen to the woman sing her tale of woe, and the man sings his thoughts as he comes to grips what with what he did.

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