Beer Booze Bands & BUSM brought you by Crazy Monkey Vodka

Beer Booze & Bands with Peter Laneas @ PARKDALE HALL

Getting to design and share custom Crazy Monkey cocktails for our first edition of Beer Booze & Bands with an authentic liven-the-life Punk Rock, Rock N Roll band like BUSM makes this just that much more special. Talking to the band while feeding them killer Crazy Monky cocktails was not only fun. But it lubricated them for what turned out to be an amazing performance on the Parkdale Hall Stage. See for yourself below!!

BUSM’s music and energy are accurately captured in their own self-description. They blend: “Dustin’s dark erotic underbelly with Shawn’s glittering pop anthems and Mike’s classic punk style.”

Can’t Be Bothered – BUSM at Parkdale on SEE ROCK LIVE MAGAZINE
Pretty Kitty – BUSM at Parkdale Hall on SEE ROCK MAGAZINE

Shawn, Dustin & Mike bring a grassroots, authentic Punk Rock sound to a serious HUSH, HUSH issue in the music industry, really an issue in all media in their latest video “SMILE”. They get their point across without using a hammer. Instead, choosing to make us laugh with their unique looks and personalities in reverse gender roles. It’s awesome.

Official Video from BUSM – SMILE

SMILE Official Video – BUSM



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