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Title: I'm Over It by Josh Mover & The Shakers

Author Name: Josh Mover & The Shakers

Description: I'm over it now Not dwelling on the past I'v heard "Knowing me, Knowing you" for the last time I'm doing fine Not waiting for your call Not building a statue In your memory at all I'm over it now Forgot the songs about you And I stopped rereading our letters too Not even wondering If someone’s in your bed Cuz I'm not obsessed I'm over it, like I said And no, I’m not dreaming Still dreaming of your kiss Because I’m over it How many times must I say this? I’m over it I'm over it I'm over it I'm over it I'm over it I'm over it! I’m over it now No really, I don’t care I’m just a collector that’s why I keep a lock of your hair And should you ever decide You wanna give it another go Well I doubt I’ll get over, being over it you know You know I’m over it now I'm over it now I'm over it! credits released April 3, 2019 Josh Mover & The Shakers are: Josh Mover Will Hunter Andrew Heule Joseph Landau Recorded after hours in Footprints Music School by Pavel Gurvich mixed by Craig Saltz mastered by Andrew Mitchell cover art by Matt Darling