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Title: Jay Kipps Band

Author Name: Jay Kipps Band

Description: www.JayKippsBand jasonkipps@gmail.com Roots Americana, Funky Country, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Surf, Spaghetti Western Band. call 416-938-4411 to book. The Jay Kipps Band are on the brink of great things. A powerful, groovy rhythm section, unique, tasteful guitar tones, passionate lead harmonica and vocals combine to create a sound that is unmistakably unique and enjoyable for all listeners. ​ The Jay Kipps Band are becoming considered amongst the best in the emerging new Roots movement coming out of several strong musical communities in rural Canada. The Jay Kipps Band formed in 2015 in the idyllic Hills of Dufferin County located just north of Toronto, Canada, and is the creation of the band’s enigmatic harp player and lead vocalist, Jay Kipps. With his songwriting talent, passion and his exceptional harp skills, it’s easy to understand why there is such huge anticipation and monumental excitement surrounding The Jay Kipps Band - and all this buzz even before they release their first record. The Jay Kipps Band - “Everyone But Me” will be available everywhere music is sold, May 12th, 2017