Alexander Blackstar’s New Single “Sweet Dreams”

Alexander Blackstar teased a new single two weeks ago on his Instagram and now it is out on every platform, Alexander Blackstar’s new single “Sweet Dreams” is now ready to rock the music world! With a new music video freshly shot in the south of France.

Talking With Blackstar

Alexander Blackstar talks about how the pandemic affected him and his new single “Sweet Dreams”.

“I was supposed to move to L.A in March, but because of the pandemic, I had to go back to my birth country – France – and being locked down in a new apartment next to Notre-Dame in Paris. It was a really dark time for me, I only lived during the night so I started to work on what will be my next album to not fall into madness.”

“The pandemic has affected all of us, especially in the music industry. But I think – like after every major crisis – there will be a rebirth and this is the perfect time for young musicians like me to take a step up in the industry. We must focus on the light rising out of the darkness and trust what the world can bring to us.” – Blackstar

The Music Video

Alexander Blackstar and his team worked hard to make his vision come alive, in the new release of “Sweet Dreams”. It definitely sets the stage for Blackstars unique style and sound.

“Working on this new song was really a big step for me and my career. I wrote Facing Hell – my first album – on my own then directed the marketing campaign all by myself with just one photographer and a co-director; I wanted to learn how to do everything on this record before delegating my vision in the future projects, and it worked. I have a full team now with a new producer, director, photographers, and many other people who helped me out on this single. I am really satisfied by the result and think it represents well what I want to give to my audience and to the future listeners.” Blackstar says.

Alexander Blackstar’s New Single “Sweet Dreams” is out on all platforms now and keep an eye out for a new album in 2021!

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