It was a real treat being invited to meet with Michael Sherman on the night the Danforth SideBar hosted their industry opening party.

Jacqui Childs got to sit and have a great chat about this new dining component to the Danforth Music Hall & great new dining/cocktailing option on the Danforth.  This stylish new Restobar that is directly beside the Danforth Music Hall is exciting to me. Now music fans can make it a night out. Fans can meet beforehand the big show and talk about how exciting they are to be seeing their favorite bands. Or, fans can head next door after the show while the electricity is still buzzing from the show they just saw and keep the night going.

They were very snazzy and delicious finger size samples of the tasty foods that are on the main menu passed around, truly delicious. This so much discussion about the Danforth Music Hall but the fact is Danforth Side Bar, in my opinion, is a great dining addition to the Danforth. But it sure is nice the have the biggest live music venue in the largest market in Canada RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!!

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